Internet Camera
One public standard powers your filters, cameras, and galleries.
Internet Camera provides a public standard for sharing photos that is open to everyone. When you take a photo it's instantly viewable by any gallery or feed that's configured to include it. When you make a Film roll with a custom filter, it will work with all other cameras automatically. There's no platform lock-in.

Internet Camera is all about giving you choice and the freedom to move. Your photos belong to you and if you get tired of how they're being displayed or how your feed is sorted, you can move to any app you like and your photos will already be there.

Internet Camera is easy to use and build on. You can make a unique camera for a wedding, an alternative reality game, or a 3D gallery that pulls in photos from multiple rolls. Those shooting photos and those making apps have a big creative canvas and total control over how they get paid for their work.
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Internet Camera is currently running on test networks only. Photo storage should not yet be considered permanent. Film and Photos should not be traded for real money on test networks.