Internet Camera
You create the film that makes the Internet Camera work.
Film is a new, open format for creating collections of photos. Every roll of Film has a limited supply, and each photo published through the protocol costs one Film token to post. Film covers all costs of processing and long-term storage on a decentralized network.

Film is easy for anyone to make. Use Film to make a roll for a wedding, a music festival, or an elaborate art project. You pick the template, set a size for the roll, and add a filter.

Creators of Film can make money on their own terms. The Film format is an extension of ERC20, the general token standard used on the Ethereum blockchain. What that means is there's a world of apps and services that can help you sell or distribute Film, and you don't have to pay any fees on the money you make.
Create your own film
You can design and launch your own film to the Internet Camera test network in under a minute. Film costs no money to create on the test network, but temporarily requires $FILMFACTORY tokens to create while beta testing. Film creation will be very affordable on the mainnet release.
Select a base model for your film.
You get 100% of the film.
Let others claim free film.
1 - 32 characters including spaces.
1 - 10 uppercase alphanumeric characters. Must be unique.
1 or more. This determines the total number of photos that can be posted in this roll.
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Internet Camera is currently running on test networks only. Photo storage should not yet be considered permanent. Film and Photos should not be traded for real money on test networks.